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1 make glad or happy [syn: joy] [ant: sadden]
2 become glad or happy [ant: sadden]

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From glad + -en.


  1. To cause (something) to become more glad.
  2. In the context of "intransitive|archaic": To become more glad in one's disposition.


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Middle-earth, the main setting of J. R. R. Tolkien's legendarium, contains many rivers. Those known to have existed in the Third Age are described below.


:The triangle of land between the Isen, Adorn, and the White Mountains was nominally part of the Kingdom of Rohan, but in the late Third Age it was a contested area between the Rohirrim and the Dunlendings.



:The kingdom of Dale after its refounding extended into the angle between the Celduin and the Carnen. It is quite possible that the Men of Dale and Esgaroth and the Wood-elves traded along the rivers. ;Ciril: A river of Gondor, springing at an isolated peak in Lamedon. It flowed past Calembel and became a tributary of Ringló.



:In the First Age, Esgalduin was also called the Enchanted River.
The Entwash river was named for the Ents (Onodrim) of Fangorn, but the origin of the name was largely forgotten by the Rohirrim at the end of the Third Age.
The river began near Mount Mindolluin and flowing south through the province of Lossarnach, where it met the Anduin about south of Minas Tirith. During the Kin-strife of Gondor, the Battle of the Crossings of Erui was fought at the Crossings of Erui on the road to Pelargir.



:After the Last Alliance of Elves and Men, Isildur, King of Arnor and bearer of the One Ring, was assailed by Orcs near the Gladden Fields, and the Ring was lost here in the river. Much later during the Third Age some Stoors lived near the streams of Gladden, and from them came Sméagol, who long held the Ring and eventually followed the stream up to its source, ending up in forgotten caves near Goblin Town. Saruman searched for the Ring extensively in the Gladden; he never found it since it was already in the possession of Gollum at that time, but he discovered other Isildur's garments.
Beginning in the Misty Mountains south of Moria, it ran west-north-west until it was met by the Sirannon near the old location of Ost-in-Edhil. Further downstream the Glanduin flowed into the Swanfleet, the vast marshland north-east of Tharbad, which issued into Gwathló.
On some maps of Middle-earth, the name Swanfleet river is erroneously placed against Glanduin or even against Isen, but properly Swanfleet was the name of the marshlands alone.




:In the First Age, the river had a different, unknown course. The Gulf of Lune was not created until the War of Wrath so the river must have had a different lower course. Possibly it connected with the Baranduin further south.
The name is from an Elvish form, but Tolkien provided different explanations of the exact meaning and even languages used in the name, including Limlich, Limliht, Limlaith and Limhîr.





:About long, it began in the Ephel Dúath of Mordor and then flowed south-west for about , when it bent north and met Anduin just before its delta. Poros was crossed by the Harad Road at the Crossings of Poros.



:The name is usually written Serni, although in the Preface to The Adventures of Tom Bombadil Tolkien spelt it Sernui.
Silverlode was called Celebrant in Sindarin and Kibil-nâla in Dwarvish. It also formed the northern boundary of the Field of Celebrant.
During the War of the Ring, the Company of the Ring found that the Gate Stream had been dammed by someone or something, and before the gates of Moria there was a foul lake where the Watcher in the Water dwelt.




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